Lokeai monitors Your Brand and Eliminates Fraudulent Threats as soon they are presented

Online criminals have invested millions of dollars

Any company run the risk of becoming a target in today’s evolving cybercrime landscape.

Let’s not wait until it comes to our attention – it might be too late

We should act fast, and shutdown the fraudulent operation to minimize end-user data exposure and damage of the attack.

Someone out there needs our help

While fraud will only not damage our brand and reputation, someone might provide personal or financial details and become an accomplice of these fraudulent organizations. We cannot blame them – They were actually applying to work at a well know brand – Might had been yours.

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Some words about us

Lokeai was founded in 2012 in The Czech Republic and assists organizations protecting their brand, employees and valuable customers against fake and deceitful activities.

What we do?

Lokeai actively protects your brand by continually monitoring the web. If your brand is being abused we’ll notify you immediately. We’ll also let you know about future threats targeting your organization and employees.

Why choose us?

Give Peace of Mind

Our powerful monitoring and detection services detects potential attacks as they occur and identify online fraud attacks in the early stages, before they can multiply.

Prevent Future Attacks

After-action monitoring to ensure fraudulent sites are not re-activated and powerful countermeasures that weaken the ability for criminals to obtain end-user information thus increasing the chance of helping discourage future attacks.

Save Time and Resources

The quicker Lokeai responds to and eliminates a threat, the greater the reduction in impact. Our services are used by global brands, to minimize the impact of email fraud, reduce fraud losses, enhance the trust in your brand and help you avoid becoming the subject of security news headlines.


Our awesome features


After-action monitoring to ensure fraudulent sites are not re-activated.


Work with our clients to advise and suggest best course of action.

Social Engineering

Gather further evidence in order to quickly shut down fraudulent operations.

Early Intelligence

Provide our customers with early intelligence on potential threats allowing them to take appropriate action.


Several years of experience in combating fraudulent entities and extensive database of contacts, partners, sources and service providers worldwide.

Detection and Mitigation

Real-time fraud detection, warning, blocking at the browser level and rapid global takedown service.

Frequently asked questions

Below you will find the most common questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please email your question to info@lokeai.com.

What does Lokeai means?

Lokeai is the short in Spanish for “es lo que hay” which means “it is what it is”. We’ve come up with this name since fraud doesn’t target a specific organization or industry. Any brand, big or small is a potential target and companies need to be aware and respond as soon they are being targeted.

How do you operate?

We gather and analyze emails, URLs, domains name, and intelligence from a wide range of sources, botnets, service providers, security partners and computer underground. Using a combination of automated and manual means, we detect attacker infrastructure and analyze them to confirm the threat and categorize the attack (e.g. phishing, 419 scams, etc.).

What do you exactly do?

We monitor your brand around the clock and we’ll let you know when your brand is associated with possible fraudulent entities (e.g. phishing, 419 scams, etc.) and we’ll assist you in shutting down these fraudulent operations that are associated with your brand.

Why Lokeai was created?

Lokeai was created to give the opportunity for small and medium companies to be able to protect themselves. Most of the security companies ask hundreds of thousands of dollars for their services which most of the companies cannot afford.

After discovering that hundreds of fraudulent sites were created every day, we wanted to let the real owners know about this threat , take appropriate steps to protect their brand and provide an affordable service that meets their budget.

Why should I user your service?

By using our services you will protect your brand from being linked to fraudulent entities and the negative publicity this might bring. You will increase control over your brand, reduce costs (customer service, legal fees) improve your brand reputation and increase trust in your brand.

Why should I be worried?

Successful brands are built on trust. You’ve spent years building your brand and earning your customers’ trust. Don’t leave your brand equity vulnerable to an attack that could cost you your current and future customers.

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The quicker Lokeai responds to and eliminates a threat, the greater the reduction in impact.